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About Topaz

Topaz, which has a variety of colors, has high transparency on average, and it is attractive that you can enjoy good quality and large grains.

Here, we will introduce the origin of the name of the popular gemstone "topaz" and the meaning of the power stone.

Origin of the name Topaz

The word topaz is derived from the Greek word topazos, which means (to seek), and is the name of a phantom island in the Red Sea that is shrouded in mist and difficult to find. (now St. John's Island). It was discovered on this island and named "topaz", but in fact, this gemstone was not topaz, but peridot, and there is a history that these two stones were once confused. Peridot is still mined on the island today.

The main source of topaz is Brazil, but it is also mined in Russia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Australia. In Japan, large crystals may appear in the Kofu Basin.


■ Meaning as a power stone

Topaz is considered to be a stone that attracts the owner's needs and opportunities. It is said that it makes it easier for people to find what they need, such as work, love, relationships with people, and what they want. Among them, "Blue Topaz" is a stone that polishes your intellect and builds a rich education, and is perfect for when you want to master a specialized field or learn a technique. Blue also has a soothing and calming effect on the emotions, so it brings calmness and sophistication to young people. Wearing a topaz as a necklace is said to bring "honor, happiness and inner peace", while wearing it as a ring is believed to bring "promotion and financial success". It is the birthstone for November.


■ Processing (Treatment) of Topaz

Topaz comes in various shades such as blue, orange, pink, green, and colorless. Many of them are generally changed in color by heat treatment or radiation treatment. This is nothing special, and not only topaz but many other gemstones are often treated in some way to enhance, change and stabilize their color development. For example, natural blue topaz is so pale in color that it is almost always treated this way. Depending on the method and amount, it can be divided into London blue and Swiss blue. Natural stone orange-brown topaz is called "imperial topaz" and is the highest peak and very expensive.


vinegar. Colored topaz (except for blue topaz and white topaz) that Monstera leaf handles a lot is generally called "mystic topaz", and is made by depositing metal on topaz (coating) to give it seven colors of brilliance. Rainbow colors like soap bubbles are due to the interference of light.

■ Caring for Topaz

Topaz is a hard gemstone with a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, making it relatively easy to handle. However, it is vulnerable to shocks and vibrations from a certain direction, so care must be taken not to hit it hard or handle it roughly.

Simply wiping off dirt and sweat with a soft cloth is sufficient for cleaning. If it is very dirty, gently remove the dirt with a neutral detergent and a soft cloth. Please avoid ultrasonic cleaning and steam cleaning as they are vulnerable to shock, vibration and high temperature. When storing it, it is a good idea to create a partition and wrap it in a cloth before storing it so that other accessories are not damaged. In addition, some items may fade if exposed to sunlight for a long time, so store them away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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