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Monstera leaf

Regarding delivery


Shipping within Japan is free nationwide.

Depending on the size of the product, we will deliver it by the delivery method specified by our store.


<International Shipping>

[Handling & Delivery] Delivery takes 2-3 weeks.

For delivery, Japan Post's small package service “e-Packet” is used.

Small packages (small items up to 2 kg) handled by SAL, whose delivery status can be confirmed by

a tracking service, are delivered to the recipient's mailbox at the time of delivery.

Duties & Taxes: Customs duties may be imposed by the laws of each country.

<Domestic delivery>

Free shipping on all items.

We will deliver by the shipping method specified by our shop depending on the size of the item.


gift wrapping

gift wrappingherePlease choose your favorite from the wrapping page of

Please add to cart. There are 4 types. The price is ¥ 330 (tax included).


Please select your favorite gift wrapping from thiswrapping page.

And put it in your cart. There are four types. The price is ¥ 330 (including tax).

ring size guide

how to measure ring sizethis pagePlease refer to the.




For returns due to customer's convenience, please send the product to our store within 8 days after the product arrives.
If you wish to return an item, please be sure to contact us by email before sending the item

For more informationAbout returnsPlease see


If you want to return it, please let us know by email first

Then you will return the item within 8 days

We will refund you when the item arrives at the store and we confirm the item

Sale items, earrings, and used items cannot be returned.


package tracking

To track your package, please use the tracking number provided in the email sent when the product was shipped from the delivery company's website.

You can also change the pick-up date and time here.


You can track your package from the carrier's website.

We will inform you of the package number by email sent when the product is shipped.


Privacy Policy

"Monstera leaf" requires the minimum amount of personal information so that users can use it with peace of mind.

"Monstera leaf" pays the utmost attention to the protection of personal information provided.  

The way of thinking about personal information protection of "Monstera leaf" is as follows.


    ■In our company, information on individuals, groups and corporations registered by members is posted on "Monstera leaf".

Use only to develop and provide cutting-edge functions and services, and pay close attention to the protection of member personal information

shall be  

   ■ This privacy policy applies only to the services provided by "Monstera leaf". (range

stipulated in paragraph 1 below)

   ■ Except as specified in this agreement, we will not use it for any other purpose. (The purpose is stipulated in paragraph 2 below)

   ■ Except as specified in this agreement, we will not disclose to third parties. (Management is stipulated in paragraph 2 below)

   ■ Other appropriate management will be performed regularly in accordance with the methods stipulated in these Terms of Use.

    ■Monstera leaf can change the privacy policy without the user's permission.

When "Monstera leaf" changes the content of personal information acquisition, the method of use, the content of disclosure, etc.

In order for users to know the content, we will publish it in the announcement of our website and this privacy policy

We will notify you by reflecting it in the policy.


1. Scope of application of "Monstera leaf" privacy policy 


Applies when using  

    ■ Personal information collected when members use the services of "Monstera leaf"

It is managed according to the concept of personal information protection.  

    ■Monstera leaf's personal information protection policy is only for services directly provided by "Monstera leaf".

Services of other organizations, companies, etc. connected by links, etc. are out of scope.

    ■The use of the "Monstera leaf" service is the responsibility of the user.

    ■ Each information obtained from our website and other websites linked to this website

"Monstera leaf" is not responsible for any damage caused by using species information.


2. Collection and use of personal information of "Monstera leaf"  

In "Monstera leaf", in order to develop and provide cutting-edge functions and services to members,

Some personal information is required.  

    ■ Please manage the ID and password of the shop at your own responsibility.

      - Change your password regularly and use a name, date of birth, or phone number that others can easily guess. Avoid numbers, etc.

and is recommended.

      - Please do not disclose, lend, or transfer the information even if it is an acquaintance or friend.

      - Please do not write your password in your inquiry email or Q&A on our website.


    ■ Collected personal information will be used only to the extent necessary to provide "Monstera leaf" services.

and will not be provided to any third party except in the following cases.  

   ■ With member consent 

      - When sending an e-mail requesting consent for the use of personal information from the member_cc05-7819 -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

      - Necessary for companies (e.g. subcontractors) that have signed confidentiality agreements with us in advance in the limit

When disclosed 

      - E-mails for advertisement of our company or our business partners, etc. to members ,direct mail

When sending  

      - ``Monstera leaf'' policy/notice, ``Monstera leaf'' profit

Necessary to protect the rights and property of other members, third parties, or our company in the event of violation of the terms of use, etc.

if allowed

      - When disclosure of personal information is required in accordance with other laws, such as orders from courts or administrative agencies , or

Investigation of crimes, elimination or prevention of infringement of rights against third parties, and other similar cases  

   ■ Members agree in advance to use personal information in the manner specified above.

I shall not object.

    In addition, in the following cases, "Monstera leaf" may share members' personal information with our business partners.

there is.  

      - for business reasons such as special services for members. In this case, we will obtain the member's consent before providing the information.

We will not provide it without your consent.  

      - For creating statistical materials, market research, data analysis, etc. In this case, the specific individual cannot be identified.

We will only provide processed information.  


3. Contact  

If you have any questions about our approach to personal information shown here, please contact us by e-mail at the following address.

    Personal information manager:


Indication based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Distributor: MONSTER LEAF

Operation Supervisor: Akiko Miyaji

Location: 1-27-3 Fukasawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Phone number: 03-6805-9708

Email address:

Necessary charges other than product price

·consumption tax

・Transfer fee when purchasing by bank or postal transfer

・Shipping fee for returned goods due to customer convenience and shipping expenses borne by our store when shipping


Application expiration date

In principle, it will be 7 days after order confirmation (automatic transmission of e-mail for order confirmation).


Defective product

For initial defects caused by our mishandling within 7 days from the date of arrival of the product, we will respond by replacing, repairing or refunding.

Sorry for the inconvenienceNoticeAfter receiving the product, please return the product to our store within 10 days by cash on delivery. We will arrange a replacement product or a refund.

Due to the nature of natural materials such as natural stones, individual differences in stones are good.Since it will be within the scope of the product, we will not treat product differences and defective productsI cannot

sales volume

There is no particular specification (there are settings depending on the product)


Delivery time

Unless otherwise specified by the customer, we will basically deliver within 3 to 7 days of the order date.

For reserved items and hard-to-find items, we will inform you of the arrival date by e-mail, etc., and ship it as soon as it arrives.

We are not responsible for delays, accidents, damage, etc. that occurred during delivery​


If the customer does not receive the item within 7 days after receiving the item without contacting us, the item will be returned to our store by cash on delivery. If there is a change in the date of receipt, please notify the shipping company or our shop immediately.

In the event that the item is not received without contact and is returned, the following measures will be taken.

・The order and contract shall be canceled

・If you use a credit card, we will charge the actual cost of round trip shipping, a handling fee related to using a credit card, and a packing fee of ¥3,000.The difference will be refunded to the credit card used.

If the deadline has passed, refunds may be made by bank transfer. In that case, the transfer fee will also be charged.

・If you use bank transfer or postal transfer, we will transfer the amount after deducting the actual cost of round trip shipping and packing fee ¥ 3,000, and the transfer fee for refund.


payment method

Please pay by credit card or bank transfer

【credit card】

・VISA, Master, Diners, JCB, and AMEX cards can be used

(We have introduced 3D secure authentication for enhanced security.)

・We will bear the fees related to the use of credit cards.

【Bank transfer】

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Jiyugaoka Branch

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Jiyugaoka Branch

Mizuho Bank Jiyugaoka Branch

Japan Post Bank

Please check your order confirmation email for your account number.

Once payment has been confirmed, it will be shipped within 3-7 business days.

Please transfer to our designated account within 7 days from the order date.

If it exceeds 7 days, it will be treated as a cancellation once.

Please place your order again

Please pay the transfer fee at the customer's expense.

Deadline for returns


For returns due to customer's convenience, please send the product to our store within 8 days after the product arrives.

What is a return due to customer convenience?This includes exchanges and returns due to differences in image and size.
If you wish to return the product, please be sure toEmailPlease contact me in
(If you do not contact us, it may take a long time to process your refund.)
The customer is responsible for the shipping fee related to the return (the shipping fee when the product is shipped from our store with free shipping and the shipping fee when returning the product).

Please use the same packaging as when the product arrived and send it back using a delivery method with a package number.
After confirming the returned product, we will refund based on the payment method. The customer will be responsible for the transfer fee, etc. related to the refund.

If the returned product does not arrive and the condition cannot be confirmed, no refund will be given under any circumstances.


Please note that we cannot accept returns in the following cases (*Returns will not be eligible for refunds)

・Items with tags removed (Even if the product is unused, we cannot accept returns if the tags are removed.)

・Piercings and masks (Returns cannot be accepted for hygiene reasons)

・Products used

Items that are clearly different from when they were shipped from our store

・Semi-ordered products

・Sale products ・Price reduction products



You can cancel your order after it has been shipped until it has been shipped. When the shipment is completed, a "product shipment email" will be sent. After the shipment is completed, we will treat it as a return. If you have already paid by bank transfer, the amount after deducting the bank transfer fee will be refunded to your bank account.


return shipping

Returns due to customer conveniencePlease bear the shipping fee related to this. Please use the same packaging and send it back using a delivery method with a delivery record.

Cancellation of orders and contracts

If we judge that we cannot meet the customer's expectations due to excessive requests, we may cancel the order.

If the product is returned to our store without contacting us after it has been shipped (see delivery time)

If you have selected bank transfer as your payment method and cannot confirm the transfer to the account designated by us within 7 days from the order date.

(See payment method)


  • Due to the nature of natural stone, the color, pattern, and shape may differ slightly from the image.

  • We believe that scratches, chips (cracks), color unevenness, inclusions, impurities (inclusions), etc. contained in natural stones are the unique charms of natural stones. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Although there are individual differences in natural materials, we do not use stones that are judged to be in a significantly different state, so we cannot respond to detailed requests. there is)

  • Due to the nature of natural stones, individual differences in stones are considered to be within the range of good products, so we cannot treat product differences or defective products.

  • ​We have posted images that are as faithful to the actual product as possible by changing the shooting conditions, but the color of the image may change depending on the viewing environment such as mobile screens and personal computers. Please see the image as a reference only.

  • All the rights of the images posted on Monsteraleaf belong to our shop. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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