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It is a masterpiece volume, a special size 14 mm large grain.

A prong type with faceted round 14mm smoky quartz fastened with four claws.

Smoky quartz, which is highly transparent and has no scratches, is a valuable item.

High-grade AAA from Brazil with gem quality.

The calm brown color brings healing.

Earth tones are useful because they are easy to match with any color.

Smoky quartz, which is said to work strongly on the mind, is said to have the power to relax the mind and stabilize the emotions. It also increases patience and concentration.

A 14mm faceted cut that allows you to enjoy the beauty of stones.

This voluminous feeling is amazing.

Grade: AAA

Materials: SV925, Smoky Quartz
Size: M (No. 14)

Shank width approx. 2.0 mm

Stone size 14mm

Stone Setting: Nail clasp

* The size is not adjusted.

* Because it is a natural material, there are individual differences in color and pattern. In addition, we believe that cracks (inner scratches) and inclusions (stains) contained in natural stones are unique to natural stones, so please understand before purchasing.


[Smoky Quartz <Smoky Quartz>]

The Japanese name for smoky quartz is smoke crystal.

The main production areas are Brazil, Switzerland, the United States (Colorado), Australia and Spain.

Mohs hardness is 7, and it is classified as a semi-precious stone.

Smoky Quartz Jewels Words: Responsibility, Unyielding Mind, Honesty, Freedom from Anxiety, Good Sleep

Smoky quartz is a gray or brown crystal that can be colored or patterned by the effects of natural radioactivity. It has been worshiped as a talisman stone to worship evil spirits since ancient times. It has been said to promise victory and survival of the race. It is said to have the function of releasing the mind and body from fear, anxiety, and impatience and relaxing. It also draws out potential and enhances intelligence.


Smoky Quartz Round Faceted Cut Ring Large 14mm

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