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The fineness of cutting is the reason for this shine.
The sparkle of the oversized high-quality cubic zirconia is amazing.
We want you to experience this dazzling experience with plenty of personality and playfulness!
It can be used all season, cool in summer and gorgeous in winter.
I'm glad that it will become a hot topic at parties.
A surprising 23.6 carat, Austrian cubic zirconia.
Also available in stone size 12X10mm.

Materials: Cubic zirconia, SV925
Size: M size (13-14), L size (15-16) Stone size 18x13m, Ring band width 2.5mm



[Cubic Zirconia <CZ>]
Cubic zirconia <CZ> is an artificial gem with a high refractive index close to that of diamond and high hardness. Mohs hardness is 8 to 8.5. Also called imitation diamond. Stabilized zirconia (CZ) can be made by adding metal elements as oxides to zirconia. Cubic zirconia (CZ) is more iridescent than diamond. Cubic zirconia is overwhelmingly less expensive than diamond. It is an item that you want to casually incorporate into fashion.



Radiant CZ emerald cut stud ring18X13mm

Sales Tax Included |
    • 大きな石の重量としっかりとした作りのため若干重さのあるリングです
    • 完成品からのサイズ調整は行なっておりません。
    • シルバーの特徴として時間が経つにつれ変色する性質(硫化)があります。市販のポリッシュクロスや重曹できれいにすることができます。強く擦りすぎますと傷になる場合がありますので優しくお手入れをされることが綺麗を保つ秘訣です
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