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Rose quartz with beautiful soft pink.
High-grade AAA rose quartz is used.
Rose quartz is said to have an effective effect on amulet romance.
In addition, it has the function of adjusting the hormone balance, so it brings firmness and moisture to the skin.
The pierced base is Argentium silver which is hard to discolor. It has twice the strength of sterling silver and is easy to clean.
There are two types of piercing catches: a bullet type with a rubber built-in silver and a silicon type with a silver catch covered with silicon. You can choose your favorite from the options.
Round brilliant cut Approximately 2 carats (approx. 1 carat per 6mm rose quartz)

Made in Japan

Materials: Rose Quartz AAA, Argentium Silver 935
Size: Maximum width 8mm, total length 15mm, rose quartz size 6mm

Silicon catch diameter 6.5x height 4.5mm,
Bullet catch diameter 6.0x height 5.0mm

* Please note that pierced products are not returned for customer convenience for reasons such as infectious diseases.




[Quartz (Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, etc.) ]
There are many gems in quartz . Typical examples are amethyst (purple crystal), citrine (yellow crystal), rose quartz (red crystal), smokey quartz (smoky quartz), green quartz (green crystal), lemon quartz (lemon crystal), crystal quartz (crystal). is. There is a crystal with inclusions as a change crystal, and the rutile quartz (needle crystal) contains gold needle crystal of ruby. Mohs hardness is 7, classified as a semi-precious stone.



Rose Quartz 6mm Stud Earrings

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