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The blue-green rainbow topaz that shines in seven colors changes its color depending on how the light hits it.
The beauty of blue, green, yellow, and purple will captivate your eyes.
Moderately sized round 10mm.
The ring base uses argentium silver with little discoloration. The strength is also twice that of SV925.
Round faceted brilliant cut ~5.48 carat

Materials : Rainbow Topaz, AS930
Size: M size (13-14), L size (15-16), rainbow topaz 10mm, band width 2.5mm
Treatment : Coating (Mystic processing)

If argentium silver becomes cloudy, it can be restored to its luster by lightly polishing it with a soft cloth.



<Topaz> is the origin of the Red Sea island Topazios (now St. John's Island). The Japanese name is Kougyoku. The natural orange-brown topaz is called "imperial topaz" and is the highest quality and very expensive. Topaz comes in various shades such as blue, orange, pink, green, and colorless. Many of them are generally changed in color by heat treatment or radiation treatment. This is nothing special, and not only topaz but many other gemstones are often treated in some way to enhance, change and stabilize their color development. Natural blue topaz is very pale in color and is most often treated this way. Depending on the method and amount, it can be divided into London blue and Swiss blue. Colored topaz (except for blue topaz and white topaz) that Monstera leaf handles a lot is generally called "mystic topaz", which is made by depositing metal on topaz (coating) to give it a seven-color shine. Rainbow colors like soap bubbles are due to the interference of light. Mohs hardness 8,birthstone for novemberis. Classified as a precious stone.
<Handling Topaz>Topaz may fade if exposed to sunlight for a long time, so store it away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Also, avoid ultrasonic cleaning as it is vulnerable to shock and vibration.



Rainbow Topaz Round Ring 10mm

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