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Every time the light hits the cushion cut with many cut surfaces,

Labradorite's signature schiller, called labradorescence, sparkles enchantingly.

The glow of blue and green is cosmic and enchanting.


High quality labradorite is set in a design that complements the natural stone.

A ring with a simple and classic impression.


A voluminous stone size away from everyday life.

Large size stone rings are Monsteraleaf's specialty.

We are proposing extra-large stones that attract even more attention to the fingertips where gazes gather.


The ring base is SV925.

The precious metals used by Monsteraleaf, including silver, are nickel-free.

Suitable for metal allergies.



Materials: Labradorite AA, SV925

Size: No. 11, No. 13

ring band 3mm

Stone Setting: Claw clip





labradoriteis a member of Feldspar (feldspar), like moonstone and sunstone. It is a stone where you can see beautiful scilla and adularescence shining blue. The rainbow color caused by the interference effect of light represented by labradorite is called iridescence (labradorescence). The origin of the name came from being produced in Labrador in Canada. Mohs hardness is 6 to 6.5.

<Handling of labradorite>

Labradorite is not very durable due to its layered structure, as can be seen from Syrah. Be careful as it may break due to impact or pressure. The use of ultrasound should be avoided.

Labradorite Cushion Cut Prong Ring

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