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We have created a necklace with a gentle impression that makes time flow slowly.
Celestite with the etymology of "blue sky".

A very rare rough rock type celestite is connected with silver and river stone grains.
A large river stone of 40x30mm on the pendant top.
Since it is an enhancer specification, it can be removed. The clasp is an interesting spiral hook.
It is a healing necklace with plenty of playfulness.

Celestite is a natural stone with low hardness, so please be careful of impacts.
*Please avoid ultrasonic cleaning and cleaning using chemicals.

Materials : Celestite, Riverstone, SV925, Argentium Silver 930 (enhancer)
Size : 50cm, pendant top 40x30mm


The Japanese name for celestite is "celestite". It is a beautiful stone with a blue color like a clear sky. It was named "celestite" (sky-colored stone) by the German mineralogist Werner, after the celestial (celestial sky color) because of its wonderful color. There is also a story that it comes from the Latin word coelestis (heaven, like heaven). Celestite's stone words are purity, benevolence, and rest.
<Handling Celestite>Celestite is a soft stone with a hardness of 3 to 3.5 and very strong cleavage (the property of breaking in a certain direction). Avoid water and prolonged sunlight. It is a very soft and fragile stone, so please handle it with care.


Celestite Tenderness Necklace

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