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A simple necklace of lapis lazuli and Karen silver.
Lapis's blue amulet effect has been used since ancient times.
The golden grains that sometimes shine are pyrite.
Lapis lazuli, with its clear blue color, is full of exotic moods.
You can also match the pendant top if you like. (Pendant top not included)


Materials : Lapis Lazuli, SV925, Karen Silver 950
Size: 42cm, maximum width 4.5mm


Various pendant tops can be combined with the following parts.
○ Argentium slider 10x5mm, hole size 5.6mm
○ Stirling Enhancer S 9x3mm, hole size 4x3mm
○ Argentium Enhancer M 13x4mm, hole size 6.5x5mm
○ Argentium Enhancer M 12x3mm, hole size 8x5.3mm
○ Starling Enhancer X 14x4mm, hole size 7.3x6mm



[Lapis lazuli]

The Japanese name for Lapis Lazuli is Ruri and Seikinseki. It is the birthstone for December.

Main production areas: Afghanistan, Argentina, Russia, USA, Chile, Canada, etc.

It has a Mohs hardness of 5.5 and is classified as a semi-precious stone.

Lapis Lazuli Gem Words: Guaranteed Success, Good Luck, Truth, Health


Lapis means "stone" in Latin, lazuli means "sky, sky, blue" in Arabic, and lapis lazuli means "the color of the deep blue sky". Pyrite shines like a golden star in the stone, while white calcite enters cracks and cavities inside lapis lazuli to create spots. Lapis lazuli is the first stone recognized as a power stone in the world.


<Handling of lapis lazuli>

Lapis lazuli cannot be ultrasonically cleaned. Avoid chemicals such as acids and alkalis, and wipe off perfume and sweat when storing.


Lapis lazuli simple necklace

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