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Asian style moss aquamarine earrings.
The moss aquamarine is surrounded by SV925.
Unusual moss aquamarine has a mysterious green color.
Each time it sways, it shines brilliantly.
Because it is handmade, the left and right shapes may differ slightly.
Also, because of natural stones, there may be a difference between left and right. There is no same pattern.
Large drop earrings have a great impact.

made in Japan

Materials: Moss Aquamarine, SV925
Size: Length 5.5cm, width 1.3cm, moss aquamarine 3cm

* Please note that pierced products are not returned for customer convenience for reasons such as infectious diseases.




Aquamarine representing the "sea water" in Latin <Aquamarine> There is a legend that the treasure of the sea nymph has changed to stone. It is a member of the same beryl (green beryl) like emerald and morganite and has a Mohs hardness of 7.5. It is common to heat the raw stone to stabilize the color. It is counted as one of the precious stones. The Japanese name is Rangyoku, the birthstone for March .



Moss Aquamarine Drop Earrings

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