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The rare stone "Maw sit sit", which is rarely seen, is a stone produced from the area called "Maw sit sit" in northern Myanmar. The mineral name is Kosmochlor/Ureyite. Both are derived from space, but it is said that it was originally thought to be a mineral from space.
An attractive mausit sit with white in the green is combined with a deep and transparent green chrome diopside.

It is a stone characterized by being relatively light and durable among natural stones.


Materials : Mouseit, Chrome Diopside, K14GF
Size: Length 48cm, Width 25mm, Height 5mm


[Maw sit sit]
Jade has become popular in recent years.mau sit sit. It is produced in the highlands of Myanmar. Composed of the same minerals as Jade, it contains both Jade and Arbite components. Jade's bright green color is complemented by dark green and black spots and stripes of chlorite. The hardness is as high as Jade, so it is very durable. Mohs hardness is 7.

Although it is not well known, the color of this stone has a charm that other stones do not have and attracts the hearts of those who see it. Diopside colors are bottle green, brownish green, light green, brown and purple. Because of its high refractive index, it shines brightly. Diopside is not subjected to any treatment such as heat treatment or impregnation to improve its color. A beautiful natural green.
<Chrome Diopside> The most valuable of the diopsides is the bright emerald green "Chrome Diopside" containing chromium. Large, inclusion-free, brightly colored chrome diopside stones are rare and therefore very expensive.
<Handling Diopside>

Because it is vulnerable to heat, steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning are strictly prohibited. Also, avoid contact with bleach or detergents as acid will dull the stone.


mawsit green necklace

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