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A voluminous seven-strand necklace that mixes neon blue apatite from Madagascar and blue apatite from Brazil.

We use 5 kinds of beautiful apatite.

The beautiful neon-colored blue apatite has a strong impact with its vivid color development.

It gives off a deep charm that combines astringency and gorgeousness.

Coconut buttons and cowhide are wrapped around the clasp for a natural and heavy feel.

The green fluorite is the point, and Karen silver adds sexiness.



Materials: neon blue apatite from Madagascar, apatite from Brazil, fluorite, Karen silver (SV950), coconut button, cowhide, glass beads

Size: 43cm, width 5cm



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The Japanese name for apatite is apatite. Gem-quality apatite is a beautiful transparent stone that comes in blue, green-yellow, blue-green, light pink and violet. Blue Apatite is popular and in high demand. In recent years, neon-colored blue-green and blue have been collected in Madagascar and are attracting interest. Apatite is a natural stone that has the same ingredients as our bones and teeth. 5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

<Handling of apatite> 

Avoid steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning as apatite is vulnerable to heat and impact. Apatite is a brittle stone with indistinct cleavages and shell-like and uneven fractures. This means that it is vulnerable to impact and has the property of chipping or cracking where it hits. Handle with care and store in a place away from direct sunlight.

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Blue Apatite Overlap Necklace

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