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A black labradorite ring with a clear blue scilla.

It's a fantastic deep blue glow. Layering is also OK.

It's a very comfortable ring to wear on your finger.

Materials : Black labradorite, SV925
Size: No. 11, No. 13

Stone size 8x6mm

Shank width: 2.2mm


▪️We do not adjust the size.

▪️Because it is a natural material, there are individual differences in color and pattern. In addition, we believe that cracks (inner scratches) and inclusions (stains) contained in natural stones are unique to natural stones, so please understand before purchasing.

▪️Silver has the property of discoloring over time (sulfurization). You can clean it with a commercially available polishing cloth or baking soda. Rubbing too hard may cause scratches, so gentle care is the key to keeping it clean.



labradoriteis a member of Feldspar (feldspar), like moonstone and sunstone. It is a stone where you can see beautiful scilla and adularescence shining blue. The rainbow color caused by the interference effect of light represented by labradorite is called iridescence (labradorescence). The origin of the name came from being produced in Labrador in Canada. Mohs hardness is 6 to 6.5.

<Handling of labradorite>Labradorite is not very durable due to its layered structure, as can be seen from Syrah. Be careful as it may break due to impact or pressure. It is safer to avoid ultrasound only.



Black Labradorite Oval Cabochon Ring

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