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Fashionable neon pink Fusha pink chalcedony.

Just add vivid colors to make your heart dance.

This ring is ideal for stacking because the shank is thin.

Materials: Fusha Pink Chalcedony, 14KGF
Size: No. 5 No. 6 (US size)

Shank width 1.0mm

Stone size 8mm



[Agate <Chalcedony> ]

There are a great many Agate whose Japanese name is MENOU. A natural stone called chalcedony is also a kind of agate. Agate has stripes and chalcedony has no stripes. Mohs hardness is 6.5-7, classified as semi-precious stone. Among them, red ones are called carnelians, green ones are called chrysophrases, black ones are called onyxes, and blue chalcedony and white chalcedony are also Agate classification. Those with beautiful red and white stripes are called Sardonyx. August birthstone.

<Handling of Agate Chalcedony>

Agate and chalcedony are stones that are highly durable and resistant to chemicals.



Fusha Pink Chalcedony Stacking Ring

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