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A cushion ring boasting a size of 14mm with a checkerboard cut.

The volume is amazing.

The surreal big size stone ring looks like it jumped out of the world of comics.


S size 10-11 has been newly added.

It shines brightly because there are many surfaces that are exposed to light.

The silver ring has a solid feeling, and the line is thick and solid.
The impression that the ring with the texture of the antique is chic.


Pink Amethyst is a neutral color between purple and pink.

It blends in well with your skin and makes your hands look beautiful.

Amethyst is also said to have magical powers.


A voluminous stone size away from everyday life.

Oversized stone rings are Monsteraleaf's specialty.

We are proposing extra-large stones that attract even more attention to the fingertips where gazes gather.

Cushion faceted checkerboard cut ~19.3 carats

Pink Amethyst Grade: AA

*Not expected to be restocked

Materials: Pink Amethyst, SV925
Size: S size (10-11), M size (13-14), L size (15-16)

Stone Setting: Claw clip


  • We do not adjust the size.
  • Because it is a natural material, there are individual differences in color and pattern. In addition, we believe that cracks (inner scratches) and inclusions (stains) contained in natural stones are unique to natural stones, so please understand before purchasing.



[Amethyst <Amethyst>]

The Japanese name for amethyst is amethyst. It is the birthstone for February.

The main production areas are Zambia, Brazil, Uruguay, India, Madagascar and others.

It has a Mohs hardness of 7 and is classified as a semi-precious stone.

Amethyst Gem Words: Honesty, Peace of Mind, Nobility, Awakening, Love Amethyst is a crystal companion.


The name is derived from the Greek word amethustos (not drunken), and Luko's stone is also said to be "the stone that avoids life's drunkenness". It has a vitreous luster and comes in a wide range of colors from pale lilac to deep purple. It has been revered as a "priest's stone" in Christianity and used in religious ceremonies. It is said that it removes impurities in the heart and gives you eyes to see through people and correct judgment. Amethyst is also said to have magical powers. Brazil produces many very large crystals.


<Handling Amethyst>

Be careful not to expose it to UV light for a long time as it will fade.



Pink Amethyst 14mm Cushion Cut Volume Ring

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