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Drop earrings based on a refreshing green reminiscent of fresh green.

A green onyx point stone with a beautiful translucent green color and a sea blue chalcedony reminiscent of the blue sea.

Classic and new design.

While using pop colors, it's not too flashy, and it's a nice shade.

post earrings.

The earring catch uses a type that is difficult to fall off with SV925 embedded in silicon.



Materials : Sea Blue Chalcedony, Green Onyx, Silver 925, Silver 925 Silicone Catch
Size: total length about 45mm, point stone size 10mm, drop part about 35 x 5.5mm


*Please note that we cannot accept returns of pierced earrings products due to personal reasons such as infectious diseases.



[Chalcedony <Chalcedony>]

Chalcedony <Chalcedony> is a relative of agate. A light-colored quartz with a sense of transparency is called chalcedony. There are "Agate" and "Jasper" in the same group. There are various colors such as white, blue and pink. Mohs hardness is 7. Classified as a semi-precious stone. The name chalcedony comes from the Greek town of chalkidon. This stone is said to facilitate interpersonal relationships. For amulets to improve communication skills.

<Handling of chalcedony>

Avoid storing chalcedony in direct sunlight as UV rays can cause fading.


[Onyx <Onyx>]

Onyx is a relative of Agate. The Japanese name is striped agate and black agate. The name Onyx comes from the Greek word for nail (Onyxs). Pure jet black onyx is common, but in fact, onyx with a beautiful striped pattern is called onyx. Jet-black onyx is used only for the single color part for jewelry. It is a popular natural stone regardless of gender. Mohs hardness is 7. Classified as a semi-precious stone.

Green Onyx is said to be a stone that keeps women forever young and beautiful.

It is also said to bring harmony and stability to human relationships. It is said that it helps to deepen the connection with people and build good communication.


Double Stone Drop Earrings Sea Blue Chalcedony x Green Onyx

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