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A turquoise that draws a clear net on a beautiful blue with a unique ring.
Vertical oval cabochon cut is 22x8mm.
The vertical visual effect makes your fingers look slender and long.
The ring part is a watermark with a curved line.
Change the color of silver for a classic look.
Turquoise is treated with a stabilized treatment.

Materials: Net Turquoise AAA, SV925
Size: No.11 (US6)



Turquoise, whose output is decreasing year by year. The beautiful blue is derived from copper, and when the iron element is added it tilts to green. Turquoise is a high-quality, somewhat brittle, porous stone. Mohs hardness is 6 or less. This stone is very sensitive to water and salt. In order to withstand use as jewelry, impregnation is generally performed to increase hardness and maintain durability. For that reason, over 90% of the turquoise has been processed. There are various sleeping beauty symbolized by turquoise blue and net turquoise with net-like inclusions. This is the birthstone for December . Classified as a semi-precious stone.
<Handling of turquoise>

Avoid ultrasonic cleaning and steam cleaning for turquoise, which is essentially soft stone. Cosmetics, perfumes, chemicals, etc. can corrode turquoise and impair the color. The same applies to sebum. After wearing, wipe gently with a soft cloth. Avoid water and salt as they are not good. (Not suitable for sea leisure) It is desirable to store in a separate case so as not to create scratches with other jewelry (high Mohs altitude). In addition, care should be taken when storing it as it may fade when exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time.

Mohs hardness: 6 or less



Turquoise oval cabochon filigree ring

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