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Large squares of agate marbled with smoky quartz.

It's a good color that is familiar with the skin.
The feature is that it is lighter than it looks.

The silver parts are from the Karen tribe in Thailand.

The neck part is green opal.

Materials: Agate, Green Opal, Bronzite, Karen Silver Parts, SV925
Size: Length 45cm


[Opal <Opal>]
Widely known for its play-of-color effect (rainbow glow), a commonopal<Opal> is called precious opal and is classified as a precious stone. In addition, those with insufficient play-of-color such as African opal are called common opal. Originating from the Greek word opallios, the Sanskrit word means "jewel stone". Mohs hardness 6,birthstone for octoberis.
<Handling Opal>Opal is a stone that is sensitive to acids and alkalis. It is porous and weak against perfumes, soaps, detergents, etc., so be sure to remove it when washing your face or applying cream.

[Agate <Agate>, Chalcedony <Chalcedony>]
Japanese name is called agateAgate<Agate> has many friends. A natural stone called chalcedony is also a type of agate. Striped chalcedony is agate, and chalcedony without stripes. It has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7 and is classified as a semi-precious stone. Among them, the red one is called carnelian, the green one is called chrysophrase, and the black one is called onyx. Blue chalcedony and white chalcedony are also related to agate. The ones with beautiful red and white stripes are called sardonyx.birthstone for augustis.
<Handling Agate and Chalcedony>Agate and chalcedony are highly durable and chemically resistant stones.


square exotic necklace

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