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A cubic zirconia silver ring with a beautiful openwork pattern.
Since there is a width of 15mm, there is a volume.
Rhodium is applied, so it is resistant to discoloration.
(Rhodium may be removed if polished with an initial polish cloth.)

Materials: Silver 925, cubic zirconia
Size: S (13-14), M (15-17), 15mm width (5mm on the palm side)



[Cubic Zirconia <CZ>]
Cubic zirconia <CZ> is an artificial gem with a high refractive index close to that of diamond and high hardness. Mohs hardness is 8 to 8.5. Also called imitation diamond. Stabilized zirconia (CZ) can be made by adding metal elements as oxides to zirconia. Cubic zirconia (CZ) is more iridescent than diamond. Cubic zirconia is overwhelmingly less expensive than diamond. It is an item that you want to casually incorporate into fashion.



Zirconia Filigree Silver Ring

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  • ▪️石の重量とシルバーの使用量が多いため若干重さのあるリングです







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