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Sea blue chalcedony reminiscent of the blueness of the sea.

The magic of natural stone is that it gives a mysterious brilliance when exposed to light.

It is strange that pale green appears in bright places, and blue appears stronger in places with little light.

This ring is ideal for stacking because the shank is thin.

Materials: Sea blue chalcedony, 925 silver
Size: No.6 No.7 (US size)

Shank width 1.8mm

Stone size 10mm


Chalcedony is a classification of Agate. The transparent color of quartz is called chalcedony. "Agate" and "Jasper" are the same companions. There are various colors such as white, blue and pink. Mohs hardness is 7. Classified as semi-precious stone. Chalcedony is derived from the Greek town "chalkidon". This stone is said to facilitate "interpersonal relationships". A talisman for improving communication skills.

<Handling of chalcedony>

Chalcedony can be faded by UV light, so avoid storing it in direct sunlight.



Sea Blue Chalcedony Silver Ring

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