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I made an airy bolero that blocks the strong summer sun.


In addition to the transparency and coolness created by high-quality sheer linen,

The seams around the shoulders are seamless, making it very comfortable to wear.


I want to wear something over a sleeveless dress or tank top

Bolero is very convenient in such a case.


2Way worn upside down

One side is single, so it feels thin and close to the neck.

The other layer is double layered to emphasize firmness.

All are free to stand up like a collar or folded back.

The shoulders and back are seamless with no seams, making it feel like you are wearing a stole.

The length of the sleeves depends on the body type, but it is generally half sleeves (elbow length).

By shortening the length, the bolero hem creates a slanted line around the waist for a more stylish look.


Light hemp fabric with a sense of firmness and a sense of sheerness

Not only lightness but also elegance.


The pattern is devised to create a slightly mysterious shape.

Straight lines are unavoidable in making clothes

We have completed a very sustainable garment with almost no rips that occur when cutting.


The base size is one size, but we have prepared two sizes, a slim type and a roomy type with cuffs.



Materials: 100% hemp

Size: Slim cuff type, loose cuff type

Size (cm)

  • Correspondence size M - LL
  • Bust (adaptation) 79-100
  • Length 50
  • Around the cuff Slim cuff type 25, Loose cuff type 30
  • Snow length 55


Notice : Can be washed at home.

Dark colors may fade, so please avoid washing with other items.

Please use a laundry net. After washing, reshape and dry immediately.

Fuzzing may occur on the fabric due to friction such as wearing and washing.


-Monsteraleaf closet-

not bound by anything

free clothes

All clothes with such designs are handmade.

Sheer Linen Marguerite Bolero Half Sleeve Light Gray

PriceFrom ¥7,700
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