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A necklace in which large sunstones, bronzites, and citrines of approximately 18x13mm are connected like a mosaic.
Gorgeously adorn your neckline.
The point is the citrine pendant top made with wire work.
Luxurious vermeil parts coated with SV925 K24 (pure gold) are used for the gold parts, and cowhide leather is used for the cord.
The length from the top stone (bronzite) to the bottom of the pendant top (citrine) is 10cm.

Materials : sunstone, bronzite, citrine, K24 vermeil, 14KGF wire, cowhide cord (European leather)
Size : length 45cm, height 15mm, drop width 10cm


<Citrine> is a member of quartz, also known as citrine quartz. The Japanese name is yellow crystal. The word “citrus” is derived from the word citrus. As one of the stones that symbolize the sun, it has been said to have the power to nurture hope and confidence. Mohs hardness 7,birthstone for novemberis. Classified as a semi-precious stone. The stone words are "sociality, human relations, confidence, desire to live".

[Sunstone <Sunstone>]
is a member of Feldspar, the same as moonstone and labradorite. A lustrous brown to reddish orange, often lamellar with hematite to show aventurescence. There are also stones that reflect light with glittering plate-shaped crystals of red, orange, and green inside. The brilliance of such multi-colored inclusions is very impressive. Mohs hardness is 6 to 6.5. The Japanese name is sun stone. A stone that has been revered in various places as a symbol of the sun. It is considered a stone that nurtures talent and leads to success. It is classified as a semi-precious stone.
<Handling Sunstone>Feldspars have a layered structure, so they are not as durable as they are superior to sciller and other visual effects. Be careful with impact and pressure. It is safer to avoid ultrasound only.


[Bronzite <Bronzite>]
Bronziteis a natural stone with a warm color like wood grain and a solid feeling. The dark brown base has gold and bronze-like sparkles here and there. Its Japanese name is Kodokiseki, and it is a type of pyroxene called pyroxene, which is the same as jade, and is classified as enstatite, the same as hyperscene. Bronzite contains iron in the mineral, and if this content increases further, it is classified as hypersheen. Since it is a mineral with inclusions, it tends to be relatively easy to chip. Please treat them with care. Do not drink water as it contains iron.

Mohs hardness: 5.5


sunstone mosaic necklace

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