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Green onyx is healed by the transparent and bright green.

It is so beautiful that it can be mistaken for emerald.

The charm of natural stone is that you can see a mysterious glow due to the refraction of light.

A volumey ring where you can feel the beautiful green onyx.

Although it is a fairly large ring, it has an excellent fit and a very comfortable design.

The ring stand with a profound feeling is SV925, and the stones are two sizes, 18x13mm and 14x10mm, which are large stone.


Long-selling oval cabochon ring series.

In order to maximize the charm of natural stone, we have simply tailored a large cabochon cut.

The shape of the vertical oval makes your fingers look slender and long.

The reason why it is easy to put on is the fit when you put your finger in it.

The sense of unity of the inner round and the double-lined ring shank firmly hold the large stone, so it does not shake back and forth and you forget to put it on.

You can use it comfortably without worrying about the displacement of the ring.

Materials: Green Onyx, SV925
Size: 18x13mm-JP13, 15

: 14x10mm-JP13 only

Shank width: Approximately 3mm

Stone Setting: Bezel setting


* We recommend one size larger for the wide ring.



[Onyx <Onyx>]

Onyx <Onyx> is a member of Agate. The Japanese name is striped agate and black agate. The name of onyx is derived from the Greek word onyxs. Pure jet-black onyx is common, but in fact, one with a beautiful striped pattern is called onyx. The jet-black onyx uses only a single color part for jewelry. It is a popular natural stone for both men and women. Mohs hardness is 7. It is classified as a semi-precious stone.

Green onyx is said to be a stone that keeps women's youth and beauty forever.

It also brings harmony and stability to human relationships. It is said that it helps to deepen the connection with people and build good communication.



Green Onyx Oval Cabochon Ring

PriceFrom ¥15,400
Sales Tax Included |
  • ▪️大きな石の重量とシルバーの使用量が多いため若干重さのあるリングです





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