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Asian style rose quartz earrings.
Surrounding the rose quartz with SV925.
Gentle shades of rose quartz are perfect for healing.
Each time it sways, it shines brilliantly.
Because it is handmade, the left and right shapes may differ slightly.
Large drop earrings have a great impact.

made in Japan

Materials: Rose Quartz, SV925
Size: Length 5.5cm, width 1.3cm, rose quartz approximately 3cm

* Please note that pierced products are not returned for customer convenience for reasons such as infectious diseases.




[Quartz (Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, etc.) <Quartz>]
There are many gems in quartz . Typical examples are amethyst (purple crystal), citrine (yellow crystal), rose quartz (red crystal), smokey quartz (smoky quartz), green quartz (green crystal), lemon quartz (lemon crystal), crystal quartz (crystal). is. There is a crystal with inclusions as a change crystal, and the rutile quartz (needle crystal) contains gold needle crystals of ruby. Mohs hardness is 7, classified as a semi-precious stone.


[Crystal quartz]
Quartz (crystal) is a crystal with a clear, sharp hexagonal column, and colorless and transparent. In the old days, it was called “hari” and was prized. It is also famous as a power stone. Mohs hardness is 7, classified as a semi-precious stone. April birthstone . Crystal glass is also available, but Monstera leaf handles crystal quartz as a mineral (natural stone).



Rose quartz drop earrings

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