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We use the finest natural crystal quartz with excellent transparency and brilliance.
The grade of crystal quartz is AAA, and each randomly hand-cut piece is unique, and by combining various shapes, irregular reflections occur, and the brilliance increases and dazzling light scatters every time it moves.
It is a bracelet excellent at an impact of five.

Materials : Crystal Quartz, SV925
Size: Length 19.5cm + 4cm adjuster, maximum width 4cm



[Crystal quartz]

The Japanese name for crystal is white crystal. It is the birthstone for April.

Brazil is the main producer.

It has a Mohs hardness of 7 and is classified as a semi-precious stone.

Crystal Quartz Gem Words: Confidence, Purity, Innocentness, Nurturing Life and Prosperity, Harmony of All Things


It has a clean hexagonal crystal with a pointed tip, and among them, the colorless and transparent one is called quartz. The English name Rockcrystal was used to distinguish between natural quartz and glass. In the old days, it was called glass and was prized. Brazil, the main production area, produces many large clusters. It is also famous as a power stone with high healing effect. It is a natural stone designated as the national stone of Japan. April birthstone. Crystal glass is also available, but Monstera leaf handles crystal quartz as a mineral (natural stone).


crystal quartz sparkle bracelet

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