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The bright, slightly transparent blue jade is just like a candy.
Fashion is also fun by incorporating it into trendy colorful coordination.

This series of good color coloring has 12 colors in total.

Lever back and chain American earrings are both swinging types.


The lever back type is a type that firmly fastens with a spring-loaded lever.

The American type has fun changing the length of the drop. (With silicone catch)
You can choose the one you like from the options.

Materials: Blue Jade, 925 silver
Size: Lever back Length about 36X Maximum width 15X Thickness about 6.4mm

: American total length about 100X maximum width 15X thickness about 6.4mm (chain part about 62mm)

* Pierce products are not returned for customer reasons due to epidemic prevention such as infectious diseases. Please note.




[Jade <Jade>]
The Japanese name for Jade is HISUI. The person who was called HISUI may be familiar. Jade is a translucent gem that is colorful, including green, light purple, white, pink, red, blue, black, orange, and yellow. Among them, dark green ones are the highest peaks and are called Imperial Jade. Jade is a very solid stone. Mohs hardness is 7 ,the birthstone of May. Precious stones are classified for their beauty.



Candy dropping earrings blue jade

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