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American-type earrings with cute teardrops shaking around their ears.
There is fun to change the length freely.
The sparkling garnet is a AAA grade of Mozambique garnet, known for its high quality.

made in Japan

Materials: Mozambique Garnet, K14GF
Size: Length 95mm Garnet size Approx. 9x7x4mm

* Please note that pierced products are not returned for customer convenience for reasons such as infectious diseases.




Mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5, is the birthstone of January. It is classified as a precious stone. Transparency varies, and colors include colorless, yellow, brown, red, green and black. Clear and beautiful garnets seem to be gaining value. Garnet which is used a lot in Monsteraleaf is Almandine garnet, and the Japanese name is called iron meteorite. Garnet's stone language is “truth / fraternity”.



Garnet teardrop chain earrings

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