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Large carnelian leaves a strong impact.
Between the carnelian is a good quality sunstone and a lustrous wine red freshwater pearl.
Sunstone is a stone that sparkles with gold. It is a necklace full of energy.
All knotted.

Materials: carnelian, sunstone, freshwater pearl, K14GF, silk cord
Size: length 48cm, pendant top size 3.0×2.3mm


[Carnelian <Carnelian>]
<Carnelian> is a member of chalcedony, and its Japanese name is ruby chalcedony. Among them, those with a mesh pattern are classified as red agate. In any case, it is a natural stone with an impressive beautiful red and orange color. Mohs hardness is 6.5-7,birthstone for julyis. It is classified as a semi-precious stone. Carnelian has long been considered a stone of courage and strength.


carnelian flat necklace

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