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The lovely pink color makes your skin look beautiful.

The healing effect is also outstanding.

We used high quality Inca rose (Road Crosite) from Argentina.

The delicate style shank is the perfect ring for thin layers.


There is a device to avoid the shank part so that it overlaps exactly when stacking.

It is a ring that you can enjoy color matching according to today's mood and fashion.


The ring stand is 14Kgf <14 / 20K>.

Gold filled is a gold layer crimped to a material (SV925, brass, copper, etc.) with high heat and pressure. If the weight of the gold layer is 1/20 or more of the total weight including the material, gold filled (gold) It is called Zhang).

<14 / 20K> means that 1/20 or more of the total weight of the product is 14 gold.

Since it is made of a much thicker layer than gold plating, it hardly peels off even after long-term use. In recent years, it has become widely used in accessories and has become a popular metal.

Materials: Inca Rose (Road Crosite) AA, 14KGF
Size: No. 11

Shank width 1.0mm

Stone size 7x5mm

Stone Setting: Bezel closure



[Rhodochrosite <Rhodochrosite>]

The beautiful pink Inca Rose is also called Rhodochrosite, and its Japanese name is Rhodochrosite.

The main production areas are Central and South America, and high-quality rhodochrosite is produced from Argentina, the United States, Mexico, South Africa, and so on. Most of the stones are rose pink to red in color.

As a jewelry item, pink and white stripes are preferred to red crystals, so it is said to be of high value.

Due to its low hardness (Mohs hardness 4), it is treated as a semi-precious stone. It means "beautiful rose stone" in Greek. It came to be called "Inca Rose" because it was excavated in the Andes Mountains, the land of the ancient Inca Empire. A stone that arouses passion. A lovely natural stone with a beautiful contrast between translucent pink and white.


<Handling of Inca Rose>

Inca Rose reacts to acids, so avoid contact with chemicals. Also, avoid ultrasonic cleaning.



Inca Rose Oval Cabochon Stacking Ring

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