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Crimson garnet is the color of passion. January birthstone.
Garnet called "the stone of passion". It also serves as an amulet for love and games.
The crimson shine catches your eyes.
Large 8mm pierced earrings make you feel presence.
In addition to its brilliance, Grade AA offers outstanding transparency.
Argentium silver without discoloration is used for the piercing stand. Care has become much easier.
There are two types of piercing catches: a bullet type with a rubber built-in silver and a silicon type with a silver catch covered with silicon. You can choose your favorite from the options.
made in Japan
Armandinger Garnet Grade: AA

* Quality and grade are the same as Armandinger Garnet 6mm Stud Earrings, but the price increases as the stone size increases.

Materials: Armandinger Garnet AA, Argentium Silver 935
Size: Stone size 8mm, total length 15mm

Silicon catch diameter 6.5x height 4.5mm
Bullet catch diameter 6.0x height 5.0mm

Treatment: None (garnet does not undergo any heat treatment or processing)

* Please note that pierced products are not returned for customer convenience for reasons such as infectious diseases.



Mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5, is the birthstone of January. It is classified as a precious stone. Transparency varies, and colors include colorless, yellow, brown, red, green and black. Clear and beautiful garnets seem to be gaining value. Garnet which is used a lot in Monsteraleaf is Almandine garnet, and the Japanese name is called iron meteorite. Garnet's stone language is “truth / fraternity”.



Armandinger Garnet 8mm Round Earring

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