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The Peruvian Amazonite's transparent blue and the gradation spreading like peacock feathers are refreshing.
The rainbow moonstone blue shiller that sometimes appears is also wonderful.
Grade AAA iolite tightens the whole.
Feel light with a light chandelier earrings.

made in Japan

Materials: Amazonite, Rainbow Moonstone, Iolite, Smoky Quartz, SV925
Size: Approximately 73mm in length 25mm in width

* Please note that pierced products are not returned for customer convenience for reasons such as infectious diseases.




Amazonite, like Labradorite and Moonstone, is a member of Feldspur. Some of them have a visual effect that shows a shimmering glow near the surface of the stone when it is moved by applying light to it. The name of Amazonite came from the fact that the blue-green and white patterns are reminiscent of the Amazon River. The Japanese name is Tianhe stone. For a long time, it was called the “Stone of Hope” and was used as a gem in ancient Egypt. Because it contains lead, it becomes a blue and white striped pattern or a blue-green single color. Mohs hardness is 6. The main sources are North America and Brazil.



Amazonite chandelier earrings

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