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It is a handmade ring that is hand-carved from the original ring design.


Amethyst from Zambia with high transparency and deep color.

Amethyst is February's birthstone.

The calm purple color calms the mind and has a healing effect.

The solid dark purple gives a noble impression and has a high-grade taste.

Dark indoors, bright purple color shines when exposed to sunlight or strong light.


Because of the design that uses silver inside the ring and covers the stone part

It is characterized by the fact that the color of the stone does not change even when it is fitted.


I chose it as a stone that suits the volume ring of the new design.

* The image is the state before stone retention. note that.


New ring -Colone- ~koron~.

It is a new design that digs up the prototype by hand.

I was particular about subtle curves and beautiful curves, and carefully created the shape little by little.

The plump and rounded form is a symbol of kindness.

I was particular about the balance of natural stones and silver rings.

Ease of use is important. The fit is also excellent when you put your finger in it.

The inner round holds firmly so it doesn't move back and forth, so much so that you forget you're wearing it.

You can use it comfortably without worrying about the ring slipping.


Grade: AAA

Materials: SV925, Amethyst (from Zambia)

Size: S size 9-11 compatible, M size 11-13 compatible, L size 14-15 compatible (made to order*)

Shank width about 3.5mm

Stone size 16x12mm

Stone Setting: Fukurin closure

*L size is currently made to order. As it takes several days to cast the ring, it will take about one month.


  • It is a slightly heavy ring due to the weight of large stones and the amount of silver used.
  • We recommend sizing up one size for wide rings.
  • We do not adjust the size.
  • Because it is a natural material, there are individual differences in color and pattern. In addition, we believe that cracks (inner scratches) and inclusions (stains) contained in natural stones are unique to natural stones, so please understand before purchasing.
  • A characteristic of silver is that it discolors over time (sulfurization). You can clean it with a commercially available polishing cloth or baking soda. Rubbing too hard may cause scratches, so gentle care is the key to keeping it clean.



[Amethyst <Amethyst>]

The Japanese name for amethyst is amethyst. It is the birthstone for February. The main production areas are Zambia, Brazil, Uruguay, India, Madagascar and others.

It has a Mohs hardness of 7 and is classified as a semi-precious stone.

Amethyst Gem Words: Honesty, Peace of Mind, Nobility, Awakening, Love


Amethyst is a crystal companion. The name is derived from the Greek word amethustos (not drunken), and the Ruko stone is also said to be "the stone that wards off life's drunkenness." It has a vitreous luster and comes in a wide range of colors from pale lilac to deep purple.

It has been revered as a "priest's stone" in Christianity and used in religious ceremonies. It is said that it removes impurities in the heart and gives you eyes to see through people and correct judgment. Amethyst is also said to have magical powers.

Brazil produces many very large crystals.


<Handling Amethyst>

Be careful not to expose it to UV light for a long time as it will fade.



Royal Amethyst Silver Volume Ring Colone  ~koron~

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