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Pretty green is chic.
The loquat pearl necklace is gently attached to the neck, and its brilliance is gorgeous.
Perfect for the party scene.
Of course, if you match it with your shirt, it will look very cool.
All knotted.

Materials: loquat pearl, K20GF, silk cord
Size: Length 40cm + 4cm adjuster



[Pearl <Pearl>]

The pearls produced by pearl oysters over a long period of time are different in color, luster, size and shape one by one. There are many types of pearls, but there are two major criteria for classification. Habitat environment (seawater/freshwater) and means of growth (natural/farmed). Unfortunately, due to the popularity of pearls in the past, overexploitation of pearl oysters has led to the extinction of many pearl oysters. Therefore, natural pearls are very expensive in both seawater and freshwater.

<Pearl>Saltwater pearls are harvested from pearl oysters, white lip oysters, black lip oysters, and mabe oysters that live in oceans, bays, and coves. In cultured pearls, a "nucleus" is placed inside the body of the oyster, and the mother-of-pearl layer is formed. (Nuclear seawater pearls are called Keshi.) In Japan, Akoya pearls are cultured. Above all, pearls called hanadama are beautiful and expensive.

<Freshwater Pearl>Freshwater Pearl refers to pearls harvested from Ikecho shellfish and crow shellfish that live in freshwater lakes and rivers. Most freshwater pearls on the market today are cultured. In Japan, it is cultivated in Lake Biwa and Lake Kasumigaura. Since the nucleus is not inserted into the oyster, it is formed entirely of mother-of-pearl. It grows into unique shapes such as baroque, drop, and stick. It is different from shell pearls (imitation pearls) that are coated on the mother shell. We carefully select and use high-quality freshwater pearls that have few scratches, are tightly wound, and have a beautiful luster.

〈Care for pearls〉

Since pearls are organic substances, they are vulnerable to heat, alcohol contained in perfumes, cosmetics, detergents, etc. If they come into contact with them, their beautiful brilliance will be lost. In addition, since sweat is also acidic, it damages the pearl layer and causes cloudiness, so it is important to wipe it clean with a dry cloth after use and store it. Also, since it is easily scratched, separate it from other jewelry and store it in a separate case. Avoid storing in places with high humidity or high temperatures.


Loquat Pearl Round Necklace <Olive>

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  • 【真珠・パール<Pearl>】



    〈淡水パール<Freshwater Pearl>〉淡水パール<Freshwater Pearl>は淡水である湖や川に生息するイケチョウ貝やカラス貝から採れる真珠の事を言います。現在流通している淡水真珠のほとんどが養殖です。日本では琵琶湖と霞ヶ浦で養殖が行われています。貝の中に核を挿入しないため、すべて真珠層で形成されます。バロックやドロップ、スティックなど個性的な形状に育ちます。母貝に塗装を施した貝パール(イミテーションパール)とは違います。キズも少なく巻きもしっかりとして光沢の美しい、上質な淡水真珠を厳選しアクセサリーに使用しています。




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