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Earrings using 13mm UP large pearls.
Chain earrings with hooks that will not slip off even when large pearls shake.
Striped pearls have a natural texture. It is a product made by nature. The visual impact is also ◎.
You can choose from silver color (SV25) or gold color (K14GF).

Made in Japan

Materials: Silver Color: Freshwater Pearl, SV925,

Gold color: Freshwater pearl, K14GF *

Size: Length 6cm, Pearl size 13mm ~

* GF ・ ・ ・ Gold filled is a gold layer pressed onto a material (this product is SV925) with high heat and pressure. If the weight of the gold layer is 1/20 or more of the total weight including the material, it is gold. It is called filled.

[14 / 20K] means that more than 1/20 of the total product weight is 14 gold.
Because it is made of a much thicker layer than gold plating, it will hardly peel off even after long-term use.

* Please note that pierced products are not returned for customer convenience for reasons such as infectious diseases.




[Pearl / Pearl]
Pearls that pearl shells create over the years are different in color, luster, size and shape. There are many types of pearls, but there are two biggest criteria. Habitat environment <seawater / freshwater> and growth means <natural / culture>. Unfortunately, there are not a few extinct pearl oysters due to the overexploitation of pearl shells due to the popularity of pearls in the past. Natural pearls are therefore very expensive for both seawater and freshwater.
<Pearl> Seawater pearls can be obtained from sea oysters, white butterflies, black butterflies, mabe shells, etc. that inhabit the ocean, bays and bays. In cultured pearls, a “nucleus” is placed in the shell of the shell to form a pearl layer. (Seawater-free nuclear pearls are called poppies.) In Japan, Akoya pearls are cultivated. Above all, pearls called flower pearls are beautiful and expensive.
< Freshwater Pearl> Freshwater Pearl refers to pearls that can be taken from freshwater clams and crows that inhabit freshwater lakes and rivers. Most freshwater pearls currently in circulation are farmed. In Japan, aquaculture is carried out in Lake Biwa and Kasumigaura. Since no nucleus is inserted into the shell, it is all made up of nacre. Grows into unique shapes such as baroque, drop and stick. It is different from the shell pearl (imitation pearl) that is painted on the mother shell. Carefully selected high-quality freshwater pearls with few scratches, beautiful winding and beautiful luster, are used as accessories.
<Care of pearls > Since pearls are organic, they are vulnerable to alcohol, cosmetics, detergents, etc. contained in heat and perfume. Also, since sweat can damage the pearl layer and cause clouding, it is important to clean and store with a dry cloth after use.



Pearl chain earrings

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