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Citrine with a beautiful golden glow.
The 7x5mm citrine is an oval faceted brilliant cut.
Citrine, a crystal companion, is a very hard and easy to use gem.
The pierced base is Argentium silver which is hard to discolor. It has twice the strength of sterling silver and is easy to care.
There are two types of piercing catches: a bullet type with a rubber built-in silver and a silicon type with a silver catch covered with silicon. You can choose your favorite from the options.
Approximately 0.86 carat per grade AA

☆ Can be set up with citrine oval facet cut ring 7x5mm.

Materials: Citrine, AS935 (Argentium Silver)
Size: Height 8mm, Width 6mm, Total Length 15mm Citrine 7x5mm

Silicon catch diameter 6.5mm x height 4.5mm, bullet catch diameter 6.0mm x height 5.0mm

* Please note that pierced products are not returned for customer convenience for reasons such as infectious diseases.




Citrine is a member of quartz, also called citrine quartz. The Japanese name is yellow crystal. The origin is "citrus", which represents citrus fruits. As one of the symbols of the sun, it has been said to have the power to nurture hope and confidence. Mohs hardness is 7, the birthstone for November. . Classified as a semi-precious stone. Stone language is “sociality, relationships, confidence, willingness to live” and so on.



Citrine Oval Faceted Cut Earrings

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