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A shirt jacket that can be worn lightly is one of the most useful items.


While gently avoiding the summer sunshine, we have incorporated ideas to aim for a visual effect that enhances your style.


The collar with well-placed pleats is very glamorous.

If you use a stand collar, it will also cover strong UV rays.

Of course you can let me sleep. In order to increase the degree of freedom, there are no stitches, so it can be slightly inflated.


The sleeves are raglan sleeves that free the sides and shoulders.

We adopted a seamless pattern with no seams around the shoulders.

Coolness and fun are exceptional.


The front hem has a raised front design for a more stylish look.

Draw a gentle curve toward the hip line.

In a position where wrinkles do not appear even when sitting. We made it so that you don't have to worry about wrinkles peculiar to linen when you stand up.


The ribbon tie is long enough to tie a ribbon.

You can tie it freely and enjoy it.

The ribbon tie is positioned slightly above the waist to make the legs look longer.

Furthermore, the drape attached to the ribbon gently covers the abdomen.

The slanted line and high waist are devised to make you look more stylish.


Light hemp fabric with a sense of firmness and a sense of sheerness

Not only lightness but also elegance.


Light, light and cool.

A comfortable outfit is ready.



Materials: 100% hemp

Size: M, L


Size (cm)

Correspondence size




79-100 (adaptation)

89-120 (adaptation)

shoulder width









cuff circumference



snow length




Notice : Can be washed at home.

Dark colors may fade, so please avoid washing with other items.

Please use a laundry net. After washing, reshape and dry immediately.

Fuzzing may occur on the fabric due to friction such as wearing and washing.

Please use a pressing cloth when ironing.


-Monsteraleaf closet-

not bound by anything

free clothes

All clothes with such designs are handmade.

Designed by Monsteraleaf


Sheer Linen Ribbon Tie Blouse Jacket Navy

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