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A three-strand necklace with a chic contrast of green and black.
The combination of natural stone and glass lamp beads is unique.
Using green as an accent color will give your coordination a sophisticated impression!

Materials : green aventurine, fluorite, peridot, jasper, onyx, lamp beads (glass), glass beads, 14KGF
Size: Length about 48cm


[Aventurine quartz]
The Japanese name for <Aventurine quartz> is sand gold stone. As the name suggests, it is a jewel that contains minerals that sparkle and sparkle. The aventurine effect (aventurescence) is the reflection of light on ordinary gemstones to make them sparkle. Aventurine is mainly produced in India and is also called "Indian jade" because it resembles jade, but it is a crystal companion. Dark green is common, but orange and red are also available.birthstone for mayis.

[Onyx <Onyx>]

onyx<Onyx> is a relative of Agate. The Japanese name is striped agate and black agate. The name Onyx comes from the Greek word for nail (Onyxs). Pure jet black onyx is common, but in fact, onyx with a beautiful striped pattern is called onyx. Jet-black onyx is used only for the single color part for jewelry. It is a popular natural stone regardless of gender. Mohs hardness is 7. Classified as a semi-precious stone.

[Peridot <Peridot>]
beautiful olive greenPeridot(Japanese name: olivine) is also known as "evening emerald". Peridot, which has a high refractive index, does not change its color even at night and shines beautifully, so it got this name. Peridot is a transparent stone, but it contains various inclusions. You can see garnet and spinel microcrystals and small black inclusions. Mohs hardness is 6.5-7.birthstone for augustis. Classified as a precious stone.

<Handling Peridot> Peridot is sensitive to heat and is easily affected by sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, so it is safer to avoid steam cleaning and household detergents.


Green Forest Necklace

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