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Luxurious earrings with cubic zirconia pavé and drop pearls.

Adult design jewelry.

The glitter is great.

Cubic zirconia is an artificial stone with a refractive index close to that of diamond and high hardness. It is also used as a pseudo-diamond because it is difficult to tell the difference from a diamond. Cubic zirconia (CZ) shines more iridescent than diamond.

Materials : Cubic Zirconia, Freshwater Pearl, SV925
Size: length 23.5 mm x width about 8.0 mm (pearl), 3.8 mm (CZ part)   post length 11.0 mm

*Please note that we do not accept returns of pierced earrings due to personal reasons such as infectious diseases.




[Cubic Zirconia <CZ>] 
Cubic zirconia <CZ>is an artificial gemstone with a high refractive index close to diamond and high hardness. Mohs hardness is 8-8.5. Also called imitation diamond. Stabilized zirconia (CZ) is made by adding a metal element to zirconia as an oxide. Cubic zirconia (CZ) shines more iridescent than diamond. Cubic zirconia is overwhelmingly more reasonable in price than diamond. It is easy to care for, so it is an item that you want to easily incorporate into your fashion.



cubic zirconia drop pearl earrings

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