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Crimson garnet is the color of passion. It is the birthstone for January.

7x5mm oval faceted brilliant cut garnet

Next-generation silver 935 (Argentium®︎ silver)* with little discoloration is used to fasten 6 nails.

A large number of nails has the effect of making the stone look larger and more voluminous.


The oval cut ring has the effect of making your fingers look long and slender. It is also recommended to stack with other rings.
Garnet is called "passion stone". It can also be used as a talisman for love and competition.

Garnets are precious stones like diamonds and sapphires.

Almandine garnet from Mozambique with an eye-catching crimson glow.  
It is a grade AA with excellent transparency as well as brilliance.

Grade AA approximately 0.93 carat

Materials : Almandine Garnet, SV935 (Argentium®︎ Silver)
Size: No.11, No.13 Garnet: 7x5mm

Stone setting: Claw clip



Because it contains more germanium than usual, it does not turn black like general sterling silver, and is virtually tarnish-free (no sulfuration), making it a dreamlike next-generation silver.

You can enjoy the soft shine peculiar to silver with simple care. If it becomes cloudy like K18, you can restore the shine by simply polishing it lightly with a soft cloth.

It is also about twice as strong as conventional sterling silver.

Monstera Leaf's Argentium®︎ silver products are made of 93.5% pure silver alloyed with 6.5% copper and germanium.



The Japanese name is garnet stone (pomegranate stone). It is the birthstone for January.

Main production areas: India, Mozambique, Brazil, etc.

It has a Mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5 and is classified as a precious stone.

Garnet Gem Words: Truth, Fraternity, Faithfulness, Loyalty, Victory, etc.


Garnet means pomegranate in Latin. There are various degrees of transparency, and colors include colorless, yellow, brown, red, green, and black. When it comes to garnet, the image of red is strong, but there are various variations such as yellow, orange, and green. The yellow garnet is called spessartine, and the beautiful orange garnet is called mandarin garnet and gained popularity. The representative of grossular garnet is green. Tsavorite is a green garnet close to emerald. It seems that the value of the highly transparent and beautiful garnet is increasing year by year.

The garnet often used in Monsteraleaf is almandine garnet, and its Japanese name is tetsubanzakuroishi.

Garnet does not undergo any treatment such as heat treatment.



Garnet Oval Faceted Ring 7x5mm

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