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8mm large stone earrings.
Opal St. Topaz emits seven colors like opal.
The shade changes considerably depending on the light.
It seems that the rainbow color appears more strongly in the dark place. Perfect for a dinner or party!
Uses Argentium Silver that is difficult to discolor. The strength is twice that of Silver 925.
The pierced catch is a sturdy type with built-in rubber that is difficult to remove.

Treatment: Mystic processing (coating)

made in Japan

Materials: Opal St. Topaz, AS935, SV925
Size: Stone size 8mm, length 18mm, 2.8ct x2

Silicon catch diameter 6.5x height 4.5mm,
Bullet catch diameter 6.0x height 5.0mm

* Please note that pierced products are not returned for customer convenience for reasons such as infectious diseases.





Topaz comes from the Red Sea Island Topazios (currently St. John's Island). Natural orange-brown topaz is called "Imperial topaz" and is the highest peak and very expensive. Topaz with various shades such as blue, orange, pink, green and colorless. Most of them change color by heat treatment or radiation treatment. This is not a special thing. Not only topaz, but many jewels are often treated (treatment), which enhances color, changes and stabilizes. Natural blue topaz has a very light hue, so this is almost always done. Depending on the method and quantity, it can be divided into London blue and Swiss blue. Color topaz (except for blue topaz and white topaz) handled by Monstera leaf is generally called “Mystic Topaz”, and metal is deposited on the topaz (coating) to give it seven colors. Rainbow colors like soap bubbles are due to the interference of light. Mohs hardness is 8. Topaz is the birthstone for November.Classified as a precious stone.

<Handling of Topaz >

Topaz is discolored when exposed to sunlight for a long time. Store it away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Also avoid ultrasonic cleaning because it is vulnerable to shock and vibration.


Opal St Topaz 8mm Earring AS

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