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Andalusite gets its name from where it was found in Andalusia, Spain.
It is a gem with very strong pleochroism (change color), and the color changes depending on the direction you look at it, so you can enjoy the change of color.

When exposed to light, it shows various expressions such as olive, reddish brown, green, yellow, purple, and blue.
Andalusite swaying on a pink gold chain is very impressive.
Perfect for when you want to express your individuality.

Materials : Andalusite , K18 pink gold
Size : Length 40cm , Andalusite 8mm x 5mm



Andalusite is said to be the king of multicolor, showing various colors depending on the viewing angle. It is a stone with very strong pleochroism and is one of the few gems that can be clearly seen with the naked eye. The Japanese name is andalusite, and it is also called andalusite. Andalusite (or Andalusite) gets its name from its discovery in the Andalusia region of Spain. There are brown, green, red, white, gray, etc., but you can enjoy the change of color depending on the viewing angle due to multicolor.

Mohs hardness: 7.5


Andalusite Pink Gold Drop Necklace

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