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A brooch that looks like a flower using rough rock amethyst that has been shaved.
You can fully enjoy the natural taste.
The atmosphere is like a citrine shining in the middle of an amethyst cluster blooming in a mine.
Citrine with natural cracks shows a rainbow depending on the angle.
Amethyst is February's birthstone.
This brooch is heavy, so when using it on clothes made of thin fabric, please use it with a patch cloth (included) on the back. A pressing cloth stabilizes the brooch and protects the fabric.
*Because it is handmade using natural materials, individual shapes may vary slightly.

Materials : Amethyst AA, Citrine AA, Gold plated alloy
Size : width 70x70mm, height 30mm, weight about 70g

[Packing & Delivery]
Delivered in a jewelery box
Jewelry box size: W87x87xH47mm



[Amethyst <Amethyst> Amethyst]

amethystThe Japanese name for <Amethyst> is Amethyst, a member of the crystal family. The name comes from the Greek word amethustos (not intoxicating). It has a vitreous luster and comes in a wide range of colors from pale lilac to deep purple. Prolonged exposure to UV rays will cause fading, so care must be taken when storing. Mohs hardness is 7,february birthstoneis. It is classified as a semi-precious stone.

amethyst flower brooch

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