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It is a high quality amazonite that is transparent and vivid.

There is a fluctuation of light in the slightly transparent blue.

The magic of natural stone is that it gives a mysterious brilliance when exposed to light.

This ring is ideal for stacking because the shank is thin.

Materials: Amazonite, 925 silver
Size: No. 5 No. 6 (US size)

Shank width 1.0mm

Stone size 8mm



[Amazonite <Amazonite>]
Amazonite is a member of Feldspar, like Labradorite and Moonstone. Some have a visual effect that causes the stone to shimmer near the surface of the stone when moved by light. The name of the Amazonite <Amazonite> was derived from the blue green and white pattern reminiscent of the Amazon River. The Japanese name is Tenkawa stone. Since ancient times, it has been called a "stone of hope" and was used as a jewel in ancient Egypt. Because it contains lead, it will be blue and white striped or bluish green. Mohs hardness is 6. The main source is North America and Brazil.

<Handling Amazonite>

Avoid ultrasonic cleaning and steam cleaning of Amazonite


Amazonite stacking ring

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