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Amazonite from Peru is characterized by its translucent blue-green color.
The difference in the production area changes the expression of the stone.

Amazonite is a very beautiful clear and refreshing feeling.


Bright mint blue is a very eye-catching color that is easy to match with any shade.

It's a shade that makes you feel happy when you wear it.


The heavy ring base is SV925, and the stone size is 14X10mm.

A long-selling oval cabochon ring series.

In order to make the most of the charm of natural stones, we simply tailored a large cabochon cut.

The vertical oval shape makes your fingers look slim and long.

The reason for its reputation for being easy to wear is the fit when you put your finger in it.

The sense of unity of the inner round and the double-lined ring shank hold the large stone firmly, so it won't wobble back and forth, so much so that you forget you're wearing it.

You can use it comfortably without worrying about the ring slipping.

Grade: AAA
*Please avoid ultrasonic cleaning and steam cleaning for Amazonite.

The oval cabochon ring series also offers a variety of colored stones.

Materials: Amazonite, SV925
Size: M size 11-13 compatible (actual size 13.5)

Shank width about 3.0mm

Stone size 14x10mm

Stone Setting: Fukurin closure


▪️It is a slightly heavy ring due to the weight of large stones and the amount of silver used.

▪️We recommend ordering one size larger for wide rings.

▪️We do not adjust the size.

▪️Because it is a natural material, there are individual differences in color and pattern. In addition, we believe that cracks (inner scratches) and inclusions (stains) contained in natural stones are unique to natural stones, so please understand before purchasing.

▪️Silver has the property of discoloring over time (sulfurization). You can clean it with a commercially available polishing cloth or baking soda. Rubbing too hard may cause scratches, so gentle care is the key to keeping it clean.



[Amazonite <Amazonite>]

The Japanese name for Amazonite is Tengaishi.

The main production areas are North America, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Mozambique, Uighur, etc.

Mohs hardness is 6.

Amazonite Gem Words: Hope, Tide, Divine Love, Interpersonal Relationships, Balance of Mind and Body

Amazonite is a member of Feldspar, the same as labradorite and moonstone. Some have a visual effect of shimmering and shimmering near the surface of the stone when the stone is moved with light. The name Amazonite comes from the fact that the blue-green and white patterns are reminiscent of the Amazon River. It has been called the "stone of hope" since ancient times, and was used as a gemstone in ancient Egypt. Because it contains lead, it can be either blue and white striped or solid blue-green.

<Handling Amazonite>

Please avoid ultrasonic cleaning and steam cleaning for Amazonite.



Amazonite Oval Cabochon Volume Ring 14x10mm

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